Morton Harrods collaborated with Skechers for a dynamic product photoshoot showcasing their footwear line.

With keen attention to detail, our team captured the essence and style of Skechers’ shoes, creating visually striking imagery that highlighted the brand’s appeal and quality



Morton Harrods collaborated with AirAsia for their #FlyAirAsia campaign in Bangkok, Thailand. They led content creation and managed influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Morton crafted engaging visuals and narratives aligning with AirAsia’s goals.

This cohesive approach effectively showcased AirAsia’s offerings, resonating with the audience and amplifying the campaign’s success.


Indomie x PUBG

Morton Harrods managed the creative production for the collaboration between Indomie and PUBG.

Our team crafted an engaging production, seamlessly blending the essence of both brands to create an impactful synergy that resonated with audiences.


Scream for HSCREAM

Morton Harrods spearheaded Hyundai’s innovative OOH campaign at bus stops, featuring a unique shouting-activated ice cream dispenser. This interactive approach captivated attention, leading to a highly successful campaign. Hyundai’s creative initiative not only engaged the audience but also showcased the brand’s ingenuity, leaving a lasting impact


Yuk Mudik #DiantarSangBintang

Partnering with Hyundai, we created compelling installations for the #DiantarSangBintang campaign at Transjakarta bus stops. Our innovative designs engaged commuters, effectively conveying Hyundai’s campaign essence.


Skechers Uno Transportation

Morton Harrods collaborated with Skechers to enhance brand visibility on TransJakarta buses and Commuter Line. Through creative and impactful designs, we ensured Skechers’ message stood out, reaching a broad audience during daily commutes.

This partnership successfully amplified Skechers’ presence and showcased their products to urban commuters in Jakarta



Morton Harrods partnered with Netflix to launch innovative Creative Out of Home (COOH) campaigns and leverage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). By crafting compelling visuals for unconventional outdoor spaces and collaborating with influential personalities to endorse Netflix content, the project sparked heightened brand engagement and visibility, effectively resonating with target audiences.


MAMME smax Indonesia

Collaborating with MAMME Smax, we designed a captivating event booth showcased at the Jakarta Fair. Our fusion of imaginative design elements and meticulous planning resulted in an interactive experience that amplified brand recognition and resonated with attendees


Unke Naru

Collaborating closely with Unke Naru, we designed engaging event booths for various events and mall pop-ups. Our innovative approach combined creative design elements with strategic planning, delivering impactful spaces that resonated with audiences, strengthening Unke Naru’s brand presence.



Collaborating on Nescafe’s campaign, we fused OOH and O2O activations through KOLs. Our strategy bridged offline and online realms, enhancing Nescafe’s brand impact


Light House

Morton Harrods positioned Light House’s OOH ads strategically on MRT pillar locations, maximizing visibility among commuters.

This targeted placement aimed to effectively capture attention and promote Light House’s offerings to a diverse audience at busy MRT stations.


Yulius Setiarto Election Campaign

Morton Harrods stood alongside Yulius Setiarto’s election journey, contributing vital support through innovative LED Out-of-Home (OOH) displays. Our strategic placement of these displays effectively communicated Yulius Setiarto’s vision, leaving a lasting impression and resonating with voters across the campaign trail.


Samsung CSW Branding

At Morton Harrods, we excelled in enhancing Samsung’s visibility and engagement at CSW through innovative branding strategies. From mesmerizing displays to interactive activations, our team delivered a memorable brand experience that resonated with attendees, driving meaningful connections and brand loyalty. Explore our success story today!


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